Roger Conlin

Director, Mandy McNeil International
BSc, ARSM, Ph.D, MIM, C.Eng, MBA 

Roger has worked on a wide range of transactions including battery storage, solar, PMGD, thermosolar, wind, power transmission lines, geothermal, hydro, mining, roads, bridges, infrastructure, desalination, CCGT, OCGT, gaspipelines, ports, gas storage, oil storage, oil and gas (offshore and onshore), refineries, biomass and chemicals. Keyvalue added is an understanding of risk from the perspective of a financier and developer and the integration of this expertise with an insurance risk appraisal.

Formerly (most recent first):

  • Senior consultant with Moore-McNeil, LLC
  • Power project development with
  • Consultant working for Gryphon Technologies – a technology incubation company based in France.
  • Consultant to Mizuho Bank working on Projects in the Middle
  • Head of the London power team for Industrial Bank of Japan (now Mizuho). Transformed the power team from a participant into a major arranger of power
  • Projects analyst for National Power (now Engie Energy International) working on transactions in Portugal and
  • Research engineer working on a nuclear safety case for Dungeness B advanced gas cooled reactor for the
  • Research assistant at Imperial College working on fracture mechanics (work led to  his Ph.D).

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