North America Representative Transactions

MMI has worked on +$100 billion in projects since 2016, ranging from transmission lines including HVDC, solar and battery storage, community and distributed solar, thermosolar, wind, energy, infrastructure, ports, microgrids and battery storage:

Country Project
HVDC (2022 close)
Community solar (Feb 2022 close)
Solar/Battery 500MW (Feb 2022 close)
Solar/Battery portfolio #2 (2021 closed)
Solar/Battery 300MW (2021 Q4 closed)
Solar/Battery portfolio (2021 Q4 Closed)
Solar (2021 closed Q3)
Battery (Feb 2022 close)
Wind #1
Wind #2
Wind #3 (2019)
Wind #4 (2020)
Wind (2021 Q2 closed)
Wind (2021 Q3 closed)
Wind (2022 closed)
Solar #1
Solar #2
Solar #3 (2019)
Solar #4 tax equity (2020)
Port acquisition (2019)
Offshore Energy
FPSO 2019
FPSO (2021 closed)
HVDC refinancing (2019)
HVDC acquisition (2019)
Toll Road
Road Lighting (2021)

Cerro Dominador, Chile

Mandy McNeil International is proud to be both the Lenders and the Sponsor’s Advisor on the +$800m debt financing of this award winning project.

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